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Downloads: Open courses of computer science from Udacity


Download pages for classes can be found below. Videos are archived by unit, are numbered, named and have a playlist.
  • CS101 - Intro to Computer Science: Building a Search Engine
  • CS212 - Design of Computer Programs: Programming Principles
  • CS215 - Algorithms: Crunching Social Networks
  • CS222 - Differential Equations: Making Math Matter
  • CS253 - Web Application Engineering: How to Build a Blog
  • CS255 - HTML5 Game Development: Building High Performance Web Applications
  • CS259 - Software Debugging: Automating the Boring Tasks
  • CS262 - Programming Languages: Building a Web Browser
  • CS271 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CS291 - Interactive 3D Graphics: Creating Virtual Worlds
  • CS313 - Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
  • CS344 - Intro To Parallel Programming: Using CUDA to Harness the Power of GPUs
  • CS373 - Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
  • CS387 - Applied Cryptography: The Science of Secrets
  • CS046 - Introduction to Programming
  • PH100 - Intro to Physics: Landmarks in Physics
  • ST101 - Intro to Statistics: Making Decisions Based on Data
  • EP245 - How to Build a Startup: The Lean LaunchPad
  • MA006 - Visualizing Algebra: Problems and Patterns
  • MA008 - College Algebra: Animals, Architecture, and Innovation
  • ST095 - Statistics: The Science of Decisions
  • PS001 - Introduction to Psychology: The Science of Thought and Behavior
  • CS046 - Introduction to Programming Java


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