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useful plugins

  • Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools SDK
  • PyDev for Eclipse
  • Subclipse
  • RegexUtil Featch
subclipse install

[edit]word assist

  • go windows --> preference --> General –>Keys
  • change the short-cut of "Content Assist" back to "alt+/"

[edit]Set java.library.path via eclipserc

This solution affects the Eclipse installation on a per-user basis. Changes made here will not effect anyone else using Eclipse. To over-ride the java.library.path variable we will need to create a file called eclipserc in the .eclipse directory:

gedit ~/.eclipse/eclipserc NOTE: The ~/.eclipse directory is created when Eclipse is first run.
Add the following line to ~/.eclipse/eclipserc:
Save the file and close it. Restart Eclipse and JavaHL will no longer generate error messages when accessing the SVN preferences.

[edit]JavaHL problem

sudo cp /usr/lib/jni/* /usr/lib

  • for additional packages:
  • Incompatible JavaHL library for Subclipse in 64 bit Kubuntu

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