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Today is the last day of 2010. I really want to conclude my 2010. What I have done, achieved in this year? Very sadly, when I reminisce this whole year, I do not have anything exciting in mind. The only thing that made me really excited is that I can handle pressure better. I am really looking forwards to the hopeful 2011.
1. Academic Papers
As a Ph.D candidate in China,  I have a lot of pressure on publishing high quality papers. Two years ago, I was very passionate and focused myself on the first tier conferences too much, which, obviously and honestly, are beyond my capability at that time. So I got disappointed very much, which makes me stay in low mood for a really long time. Sometimes, I even do not want to touch my research. I do not want to push the blames to the education system and supervisor, since it is partly because of my own personal characters. Although I knew where my weakness is, I just can not change it.
In summary,  I have been struggling in past two years. It is a very painful experience for me. There were passion, temporary abandon, insisting on, stepping out, etc. in it. I have a lot, a lot to say on this point. I will write another post to discuss the Ph.D program in China, hopefully useful for those who are struggling like me.
Right now, let me go back to the point — papers I published in 2010. In this year, I changed my strategy. I tried some average conferences and journals, and got some of my paper published (maybe it’s enough for me right now). Finally, I got some positive stimulus and felt relieved to some extent. The papers did not make me excited, although I really need them. Luckily for me, papers are no longer burden to me. I can spend more time on something I am really interested. I can think about my future, and what kind of people I want to be.
2. Conference I attended 
CIKM2010, AMT2010, WI2010
These three conferences were all held in Toronto, which are the main international conferences I attended so far. I really learnt a lot during organising and attending these conference, including my English ability.  I saw some of the most famous researchers in my domain. I saw people from different nations speaking English. 
3. Blog post 
Surprisingly, there was only 1 original blog post in 2010. O.M.G, what I have done.
When I started this blog, I hoped it could be something that can push me to study hard and think clearly. I believe if one is keeping studying and thinking, he always has something to conclude and say. So the only-1-post result indicates that I wasted too much time on something else.
What are they? RSS, microblog, soaper.
4. too many soapers 
It’s soaper. When I feel tired or frustrated, I always watch some American soaper. In the very beginning, I thought watching American moives can help me learn English, but gradually, I found myself addicted to that especially when I am frustrated. I wasted most of my time on soapers. Maybe my English gets improved to some extent, but the time is really not something I can afford. That is why I did not do a great job for my research.
Actually, I think, from my inner heart, I just wanted to flee away from my lousy research. On the positive side, although I wasted too much time, I still have some papers published. It at lease confirmed my ability. Actually, learning some thing can really make us happy, even it is only a bash command. But if you let me write a paper without knowing its application, I would resist that unconsciously.
5. LabLucene
In the past two years, LabLucene is the only thing I did that makes me proud of myself. This is an unfunded project. I did it for nothing, but it makes me solid.
I implemented and tested many basic IR models. Now, it is one of the most comprehensive IR experimental platform. I used to get a chance to demonstrate my system in a conference, but finally I was told there is a copyright issue. I can not publish my system. The thing that matters to me is that the value of LabLucene is affirmed. Publishing it or not is not that important.
If you really want to do something, you can definitely do it well. Believe yourself, it just takes time.
6. Outlook
Think big.


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