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A series of IR related blogs and tutorials

Today, I would like to present you guys a series of IR related blogs and tutorials.  I believe these  will be benefical to your research, maybe even stimulate your brain to generate a novel idea.
This post will be continually updated .


Search Engines Architecture Course – Agenda of the graduate course Search Engines Architecture.
Web Mining Course – Agenda of the graduate course Web Mining, Search Engines, and Business Intelligence.
IR Thoughts - A blog wherein we comment on IR and search engines and debunk search marketing myths.
IR Watch – A newsletter on research that normally does not reach mainstream.
IR Calls – A list of conferences and industry events we recommend you to attend.
IR Tutorials – Tutorials on Vector Space and LSI Models, Matrix Algebra, and more.
Educational Links – Graduate theses and research projects referencing Mi Islita.
Marketing Links – Search engine marketing articles referencing Mi Islita.
Jeff’s Search Engine Caffe - a grad student in the PhD program working at the CIIR at UMass Amherst, Serving up conversation about information retrieval and search research and development.
Research on Search - Dell Zhang, My study of machine learning, data mining, computational linguistics and information retrieval, towards the grand goal of developing the “perfect search engine” that “understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want” (Larry Page)
natural language processing blog - my biased thoughts on the fields of natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics (CL) and related topics (machine learning, math, funding, etc.)


RSJ-PM: Probabilistic Model Tutorial: - A Tutorial on the Robertson-Sparck Jones Probabilistic Model for Information Retrieval.
PCA and SPCA Tutorial – A tutorial on Principal Component Analysis and Standardized PCA.
A Linear Algebra Approach to the Vector Space Model – An improved fast track tutorial.
Binary Similarity Calculator – Multiple similarity calculators accessible through a single interface.
Levenshtein Edit Distance Tool – A tool for making edits (insertions, substitutions, and deletions).

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