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Open your mouth

Open your mouth, show you out and you'll feel good.

Today, a Ph.D student, who has the same supervisor as me, make a presentation about her paper. Actually, I donot want to talk too much about the presentation itself. What I'd like to say is that I asked two questions on my own initiative. Although I have little chance to practice my speecking English in normal time, I'm quite satisfied with my performance since I express myself pretty much clearly.

Now the most important issue for me is to improve my listening comprehesive ability asap. I think it's a big thing for every non-English native speaker, since if you cannot follow what others said, how can you answer them? Moreover, You'll be nervous in a conversation and it will eventually affact your behaviour.

Of course, listening English is highly associated with speeking English. As the saying goes, we should walk on two legs. This is pretty much what I am doing now. I hope that I could comunicate with native speaker freely using English in one and a half year.


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