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Official Google Enterprise Blog: Google Mini for a mini price

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Google Mini for a mini price

Why do I look so smug? No, it's not because I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance. In fact, I just figured out a way to save you a bunch of money on a Google Mini.

OK, in all seriousness (if you can take me seriously now), I'm happy because we're releasing a lower-cost version of the Google Mini that indexes up to 50,000 documents for $1995.

When we launched the Google Mini last year, our vision was to make Google-quality search available to businesses everywhere at an affordable, transparent price. We believe that search is critical for every business, both for customers finding information on a public web site as well as employees finding documents within an organization. Users are now used to navigating information via search, so they tend to expect great search wherever there is information.

Since our launch, we've strived to cut costs and continually pass these savings on to our customers. But, in keeping with our goal to satisfy our users, we've made this change without affecting the quality of the product or services we deliver. Customers will get the same great software, hardware, and support that they have come to expect from us, but at a lower price.

So for the price of a good office chair, you can get great search for your office. Learn more here


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